Parker Posey Without Makeup – No Makeup Pictures

Parker Posey Without Cosmetics


Parker Posey looks outstanding without makeup. Below, she is pictured with little to no makeup on her face.

Parker was born November 8, 1968 in Baltimore, Maryland into a family of a car dealership owner and a chef. She studied drama at the State University of New York. Her acting career took off nicely and Posey played for example in Amater, Sleep with Me, and Scream 3. Most recently, Parker appeared in The Con Is On and Lost in Space.

No Makeup Pictures

Parker Posey is looking admirable when she is makeup-free. Check out her natural beauty and remarkable skin.

Parker Posey Without Makeup
Looking good: Parker Posey without makeup still looks stunning
Parker Posey No Makeup
No Makeup: Does Parker Posey look better with or without makeup?
Parker Posey No Makeup Natural Look
Parker Posey with little to no makeup!

What is makeup? Well it includes products such as: cosmetics, foundation, powder, rouge and blusher. Other examples are: concealer, lipstick and mascara.

Inspirational Quotes by Parker Posey

I love bayou life.

Parker Posey

My dad recently reminded me that my grandfather’s cousin was Lefty Frizzell.

Parker Posey

My grandmother is this amazingly theatrical woman. She acted like a movie star, as far as looks and attitude, kind of like Susan Hayward.

Parker Posey

I’m trying to work in studio movies, but they won’t hire me.

Parker Posey

There are so few movies that still cast on chemistry. Now it’s often, like, this person’s movies make this amount of money, and this person’s movie makes that amount of money, so let’s put them together.

Parker Posey

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