Natalie Zea Without Makeup – No Makeup Pictures

Natalie Zea Without Cosmetics


Natalie Zea looks hot without makeup. Below, she is pictured with little to no makeup on her face.

Natalie was born March 17, 1975 in Harris County, Texas. She is very famous mostly through her roles on TV shows. Such as Gwen Hotchkiss on Passions, Winona Hawkins on Justified, and Claire Matthews on The Following. She also had smaller recurring role on Californication as Carrie. In 2014, Zea will appear on The Rebels.

No Makeup Pictures

Natalie Zea is looking lovely when she is makeup-free. Check out her natural beauty and splendid skin.

Natalie Zea Without Makeup
Confident Natalie Zea: she's not afraid of makeup-free selfies.
Natalie Zea No Makeup
No makeup: Does Natalie Zea look better with or without makeup?
Natalie Zea Without Makeup Photo
Natural beauty: Whether she's wearing makeup or not, Natalie Zea is comfortable in her own skin.
Natalie Zea Makeup-free
Natalie Zea without makeup - is she a real beauty?

What is makeup? Well it includes products such as: cosmetics, foundation, powder, rouge and blusher. Other examples are: concealer, lipstick and mascara.

Inspirational Quotes by Natalie Zea

I’m at my best when I’m working. I just recently learned how to find balance and deal with downtime and take advantage of it.

Natalie Zea

As I age, I become more and more happy with what I see in the mirror. At some point, that’s going to stop.

Natalie Zea

When I started, I had a really hard time getting work. It was the mid- to late-nineties. There was the WB. My age was perfect for it, but I just never came across as a youngster. I had to grow into my age in order to start working, and by the time I did, it was when things started to get good.

Natalie Zea

My parents divorced when I was very, very young, but they maintained an incredibly amicable relationship. They were great partners, they were great parents, and they were great friends throughout my whole life until I was about 25, at which point they realized that they could relinquish; they could call it and move on.

Natalie Zea

I’m like a packrat with work. I hoard my jobs.

Natalie Zea

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