Malin Akerman Without Makeup – No Makeup Pictures

Malin Akerman Without Cosmetics


Malin Akerman looks lovely without makeup. Below, she is pictured with little to no makeup on her face.

Malin was born May 12, 1978 in Stockholm, Sweden. Although this blonde cutie has Swedish ancestry, when she was small girl her family moved to Canada. Her first TV role was on Canadian sci-fi series Earth: Final Conflict in 1997. Later, she played in several TV shows. You might know her as Dr. Valerie Flame on Childrens Hospital or Kate Harrison from 2014 series Trophy Wife. Some of her movies include 27 Dresses, Watchmen, Rock of Ages, just to name a few of them. She’s married to Roberto Zincone since 2007 but they are separated since 2013.

No Makeup Pictures

Malin Akerman is looking lovely when she is makeup-free. Check out her natural beauty and attractive skin.

Malin Akerman No Makeup
The model looks totally different without makeup.
Malin Akerman Without Makeup
Malin Akerman without makeup - is she a real beauty?
Malin Akerman No Makeup Natural Look
Bold: Malin Akerman goes makeup-free and is not afraid to show her natural beauty.
Malin Akerman Without Makeup Photo
Looking good: Malin Akerman without makeup still looks hot.

What is makeup? Well it includes products such as: cosmetics, foundation, powder, rouge and blusher. Other examples are: concealer, lipstick and mascara.

Inspirational Quotes by Malin Akerman

I love the Coen brothers. They’re so brilliant, and they always surprise you in one way or another. ‘A Serious Man’ was awesome. I like stuff like that, that kind of throws you for a loop. It takes you on a journey that is unexpected.

Malin Akerman

I wouldn’t have made it past the first round of American Idol auditions. It was months before our first song was recorded. The guys were like, ‘Just seeng!’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know how to seeng! Can’t I just play the triangle?’

Malin Akerman

They say that your second trimester is when you get most of your energy and it’s the ‘easiest’ part of the pregnancy.

Malin Akerman

I’m a big pasta fan. I’m a big Italian food fan. Anything Italian – I love cheese, mozzarella. Mozzarella is my favorite, so I have to say anything Italian, I’ll take it.

Malin Akerman

Unfortunately, I like to feel a little stubble when I kiss. Women are too soft.

Malin Akerman

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