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Carmen Ejogo Without Cosmetics


Carmen Ejogo looks alluring without makeup. Below, the model is pictured with little to no makeup on her face.

Carmen was born January 1, 1974 in London, UK. She has half African and half Scottish ancestry. Her acting career started when Carmen was a kid. Her later movies include The Avengers, Pride and Glory, and Sparkle. In 2014, Ejogo played one of the main roles in The Purge: Anarchy. Carmen was married for the second time now, to an actor Jeffrey Wright. Before him, it was hip-hoper Tricky.

Carmen Ejogo is looking impressive when she is makeup-free. Check out her natural beauty and hot skin.

Inspirational Quotes by Carmen Ejogo

Growing up in London, with a hippie mom, I don’t know that I’m most people’s definition of what a black person is. I’m mixed, yes, but in the world I’m defined as black before I’m defined white. I’ve never been called white.

Carmen Ejogo

One of the reasons I didn’t ever pursue a career – in the music world if you’re black or mixed, you need to be able to belt a song or else you’re not a singer, you know?

Carmen Ejogo

I really feel that I had a genuinely diverse, multicultural upbringing, and I just don’t find New York to be quite as diverse. Maybe I’m romanticising, but I feel that I was exposed to a real melting pot in terms of culture and pop culture. My kids are essentially middle-class, but I do try to remind them that they come from humble beginnings.

Carmen Ejogo

Coming from the U.K., I can think of so many great songs and musical moments that didn’t require a belter of a voice; my favorite singer is Kate Bush and she’s not a belter, or PJ Harvey… I’m definitely more of an alternative girl.

Carmen Ejogo

You have to be willing to be afraid if you’re going to be an artist.

Carmen Ejogo

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